DHA Fines their residents
DHA new Policy

While the government is motivating people to install solar panels, to reduce the dependency on WAPDA. PM accepts a solar project to reduce the reliance on fuel and diesel for electricity generation, and DHA fines their locals for installing solar panels on their rooftops.

The authority sent notices to locals for violating its building structure code by installing solar panels.

This caused discomfort among the locals, they are shocked that DHA which itself allowed them to install solar is now threatening to penalize them. Authority asked their locals to either remove the solar panels or get them regularized by paying a penalty.

Resident’s POV about DHA fines

A local Mr.Ansari said, It’s an odd situation considering the DHA initially supported the installation of solar panels. Now suddenly they came up with their policy saying fitting solar panels is violating the structure code of buildings.

The authority wants us to obtain their approval before installing solar panels, he continued. There are certain conditions for approval like we need to hire their architect and engineers for inspections. And the cost of these engineers will be no less than 100k to 200k.

Rashid further added, It looks like a trap where they want to drive money out of you. The majority of houses installed solar panels on their rooftop and it’s been like this for decades. And they just found this an issue. DHA fines us for installing panels at our own house.

The residents of DHA call it DHA monopoly for raising money. They said that there are many who also installed solar but they didn’t get the notice. They are not even treating everyone equally said a resident.

DHA says its propaganda against it

DHA denies charging fees on solar panel installation they said there are no charges for installing solar panels on rooftops. But you need to get permission from engineers and architects.

He said, Free permits are issued for the installation of solar panels. The news of fines on solar penal is just propaganda. He further said you can easily get a permit by just submitting an application to the development team.

DHA fines denies by speaker

Kashif Fazal the speaker added It requires a proper procedure to install the solar panel. Residents can hire any engineer for installation but DHA will be in charge of the safe installation of panels to ensure the safety of our residents. We always give advance notice to our residents to submit maps or information before installation of anything.

The reason authority for approval is we will evaluate whether your roof is capable to withstand the panels. We don’t want any roof to collapse due to heavy load or some structure mistakes.

In response one of the locals said it’s okay to follow their rule strictly but why they are not treating us equally? There are many locals who have solar on their rooftops but the authority didn’t give them any notice.

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