The dollar will automatically come down, Finance Minister Miftah Ismail

New York (Daily Pakistan Online) Federal Finance Minister Miftah said that there is no need to panic, the value of the dollar will automatically come down in a few days.

According to private TV “Dunya News”, the Federal Finance Minister said that Pakistan will not default at all, and the perception of Pakistan’s bankruptcy increased due to which the dollar rate went up.

According to private TV, the finance minister said that there was a meeting with the MD of the IMF on the post-flood situation, he explained our position and almost said yes, there will be a regular meeting on it after two weeks, next. The terms will be discussed at the next meeting.

Mr. Shuaib reporter said today, the dollar rate fell by 3 rupees. After making a lot of money from the dollar, the speculators have started selling the dollars in the market today. Therefore, in a week it will come down from 200. We will get billions of dollars more from Saudi Arabia, IMF, World Bank, and flood. Besides, those who had kept dollars in their homes, are now bringing dollars to the market for earning

How Dollar will automatically come down

The Finance minister said I know in august the dollar goes too high but I also know that the value of the rupee is far greater than this. He presents his prediction that the pressure on the rupee will ease in the next 2 months.

We are going to reduce our imports and it will be of great help to stabilize our rupee. And you will see this improvement in the coming weeks. But again I am not a marketer it’s my speculation that the coming days will be in our favor. Maybe my sentiments also involve in my speculation.

According to Ismail, the governing party thinks it has prevented the nation from going into default.

“We want to make Pakistan’s economy strong. We are here with our aim of reducing the deficit and attain the Balance in currency.

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