Football origin of Pakistan


Football is not just a game of 11 players it’s a game between nations. When your entire life is put on hold for 90 minutes while you watch the game, you begin to believe that you are also a part of it. You started to feel the game, and your emotions are linked to the players on your team. You feel joy when your team wins and sorrow when they lose.

Football in Pakistan

Pakistan also has a national team, and it is quite well at the domestic level. However, due to a lack of facilities and support from the government and other concerned parties, the team has not performed well abroad. Pakistan is currently ranked 192nd in the FIFA rankings, and the country has a long history of playing games. Pakistan had played international matches and maintained its ranking as Asia’s tenth best team..

Football origin of Pakistan

Pakistan played its first international match against Iran in 1950. Pakistan lost its first match against Iran but still, they put a lot of effort to step into the international tournament. They played their international match against India in the Colombo cup.

Rise and fall

In the 1980s, Pakistan played a friendly match called the Asian cup. Pakistan ended as a qualifier team by beating Bangladesh, Oman, and Nepal. In the mid of 1980s, Pakistan lost all its matches but they didn’t lose hope and made a comeback in Asian Cup. In 1989, Pakistan first time qualify all the matches and enter the world cup. Pakistan was just able to make one draw match just because of Gohar Zaman against Srilanka but they lose all other matches.

Pakistan’s best football players

There are many best players in football in the history of Pakistan. There are many Pakistanis who played football for foreign clubs due to its low trend in Asia and many who played for Pakistan.

  1. Abdul Ghaffoor Majna
  2. Yousuf Butt
  3. Adnan Ahmad

Pakistani Pele

Abdul Ghaffoor Majna had another name called Pakistani pele. He played at the national level for Pakistan and served as captain for 10 years. Ghaffoor was born in Karachi, British India. He played on international level for Pakistan. After him, his son played on the domestic level.

Yousuf Butt

He was the first Pakistani who was born in a foreign but play football for his country despite knowing the trend of cricket in Asia. Yousuf was a Pakistani born in Denmark but chooses to play football for his motherland.

Adnan Ahmad

Former Pakistani international football player Adnan Farooq Ahmed is now 35 years old. He appeared in 27 games and recorded 9 goals as a whole for Pakistan.

Suspension of Pakistan by FIFA:

FIFA suspended Pakistan from all football activities but restored its suspension in 2018. FIFA again suspended Pakistan activities on 2021 and lift his ban on 29 august 2022.


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