Top 5 stunning places in Pakistan
stunning places

There are many visiting places in Pakistan but, if you haven’t seen these top 5 stunning places then you didn’t see anything. There are many stunning places it is also called Green Land.

For the record, I have seen many beautiful places but these places are out of this world whether It’s not well developed but its natural look is beyond your imagination. From the glacier on the mountain to the drops of water Lake Pakistan has it all.

So let’s take a tour of these stunning places with a local writer to these stunning places.

Visiting Places in Pakistan


It is located in Punjab and 11th largest city in Pakistan by population. This city was the capital of the Mughal dynasty. The majority of people are Nawab there. The Nawabs built their nation by making schools, colleges, laboratories, etc.

After the British withdrawal, they give the option to join either Pakistan or India. They choose to join Pakistan under the leadership of Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi.

There are many stunning works done by Nawabs. Noor Mahal, built in Italian style in 1872, is one of these magnificent structures. It is the most beautiful and well-preserved building in the city. If you’re taking a city tour then must visit this Place.


Minimarg is situated in Astor village of Baltistan. At the end of 1947 Pakistani tiger force took control of minimarg. This place is really a beauty of nature. In Asia, I have seen many places but minimarg can beat all of those with just its simplicity. Many tourist visit this place to see the rainbow appear on the beautiful Lake. This is one of the best Places in Pakistan.

Chashma Barrage

The main reason for building chashma barrage in the Indus River is to generate power and the capacity of power generation is 185 megawatts. Other than using Chashma Barrage as a flood control and Power generation many people take it as a tourist place.

The barrage in front of the huge lake has become a most-visiting picnic place. It is famous for the restaurants and their delicious food. Its local people enjoy food in front of the barrage making an eye-catching scene that attracts the tourist.

Rohtas fort

Rohtas fort is one of the ancient forts in Pakistan. After Sher Shah Suri Mughal emperor Humaiyun wins back the fort and give this to his followers as a gift and make its fort in Delhi. There are 12 gates of Rohtas fort all built with Ashlor stone in Turkey design.

Khewra Salt Mines

The mayo salt mine in khewra called Khewra salt mine. Mine. The color of khewra salt is Red and pink. The uniqueness of mine attract the most of the customer. There are also pools of salty water inside. Those carvings and the mine of salt makes it the most stunning place in Pakistan.


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