Telecommuting is a worker’s ability to accomplish tasks or assignments without going into the Traditional Office. And, the Environment uses Telecommunication Tools such as Email, Social Networking Apps, etc. With the advancement of the Internet, traditional office work comes to an end and Employees prefer to work anywhere.

It is widely used because it has many advantages for the people whose work is not at the office. But they came as it disturb the decorum of the Office. The word “remote” implies that the employees do their work in their own places. And, not at a certain place or office. That is the main advantage of being a Telecommute.

Advantages of Telecommuter:

It has a variety of Benefits or Pros for both individual employees and the company that they work for. Some of these advantages include:
· Employees have a more flexible work schedule as they can work at their own place without any Office pressure.
· Employees may not have to deal with often workplace distractions.
· With fewer transportation costs, workers can save more money for themselves.
· Higher productivity, along with a more flexible schedule, no workplace distractions and not having to deal with transportation, Telecommute workers can be more productive.
· Increases employee autonomy and loyalty.
· Better work-life balance for employees and more time to spend with family.
· Telecommute jobs are very trending nowadays due to their simplicity and Employees and Employers are doing their jobs easily and efficiently.

It also benefits our planet. Fewer workers needing to travel means less carbon-dioxide emissions, so if all people are doing Telecommute jobs, then it will make a huge impact on the Earth’s Environment.

Disadvantages of Telecommuter

Anything that has advantages or Pros also has some disadvantages or Cons. Being a Telecommuter doing Telecommute job, he can face some problems. Here are some downsides:

· Less personal and social contact with managers and co-workers of the company.
· The telecommuter may have more distractions at home, which reduces his productivity.
· Employers can’t manage the working hours that workers will use.
· IT-related problems may be more difficult to deal with.
· Managers may find it more complex to supervise employees.
· Telecommuting could also mean reducing security for the organization and increasing security risks.

Now, that we have discussed some Advantages or Disadvantages of Telecommute, I will show you one major Keypoint for a company or an organization having Telecommuting Framework:
Just Suppose, Should a natural disaster occurs such as flooding or earthquake, an organization having Telecommute framework can gain a competitive advantage over its competitors by being able to continue operations during that crisis.




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