Top 10 Hottest Major Cities in the world
Top 10 Hottest Major Cities in the world

The enemy of the product is hot weather. What would have been a fantastic day of outdoor activity becomes a full-scale battle for the hottest cities in the world. We hurry inside turn the air conditioner to obviously unsafe levels and take every precaution to prevent the living room from being affected by the unrelenting outdoor heat in major hottest cities in the world.

However, there are some locations on Earth where intense heat is a frequent occurrence rather than merely an isolated incident. We’ve located eleven significant hottest cities that regularly experience high heat, ranging from tropical megacities to dry desert civilizations. These ten places should be on your “do not visit” travel list if you don’t enjoy the sun.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the warmest city in the world all year round even though it does not have the world’s hottest cities. The capital city of Thailand regularly experiences daytime highs of over 40°C and nighttime lows that are not much lower.

Those sensitive to heat may experience problems due to Bangkok’s infamous pollution. The city center high levels of humidity and heat are resulting in the megacity of well-known air pollution which traps warm air during the day.

Jazan city Saudi Arabia

Unlike many other cities, we highlighted Jazan City port on Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast has fewer than 2 million population. The hot cities have not the craziest summer temperatures but its year-round heat makes it one of the places in the world that is always hot.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Like no other US city, Las Vegas endures temperature extremes due to its location in the arid desert of Nevada. Summertime daytime temperatures regularly approach 40°C, and at special times they even go higher. Unprepared tourists and those taking part in week-long benders sometimes struggle in the chilly desert heat. Although not the hottest city in North America Las Vegas. Which is close to Death Valley in California the hottest place in Western Hemisphere. Just one degree short of the world record of 134°F (56.7C) was the midday maximum temperature measured in 1911 by park thermometers.

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Hong Kong, China

The hottest city in the world is not Hong Kong. In fact, if you made a list of the 10 hottest spots on the globe. It wouldn’t even make the top ten. However, combining the city’s famous humidity this tropical capital city with sauna-like conditions is one the most intense. And, miserable in the world, especially during its highly humid wet season.

Mexicali, Mexico

Mexicali is the city at the heart of Baja California’s truly harsh weather patterns. On many summer days, this city of more than a million people reaches 40°C. And extremely hot spells raise temperatures well over what most locals would consider tolerable.

Mexicali experiences some of the hottest city temperatures ever registered in Baja California due to its inland desert-style location.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is renowned for its breathtaking skyline and huge dining selection which proved to a good and multicultural character. Unfortunately, the unbearable heat and humidity throughout the whole year are what most visitors remember it for. Due to Kuala Lumpur’s location almost exactly on the equator. And the city experiences some of the earth’s natural most intense heat and humidity.


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