What are Black Hat SEO tools and how do we use them?
What are Black Hat SEO tools and how do we use them?

SEO hacks are always some sort of curiosity for beginners in the SEO field. They always find some magic tricks that can rank their website in just one day. Although, it is not possible in a legal way. But, they always find some shortcut to rank their website. This results in some non-legal method of SEO called Black Hat SEO.

If you don’t know what Black Hat SEO is, then I’ll tell you a short definition of it:


The unethical methods or techniques to rank your website in a short time using non-recommended methods of Google. It is called Black Hat SEO.

Google quickly identifies those sites that rank in some unethical methods and penalizes them by De-ranking their websites and many other penalties. But, everyone wants shortcuts in everything. That’s why many beginners always try to find some Black hat tactics or Black hat SEO tools.

However, some tactics or techniques of Black hat SEO are:


When you add some hidden links in the site that users can’t see but the crawler can see during the crawling process, called Cloaking.


It is a method in which you overstuff your keyword thoroughly in the blog or article that does not seem natural.

The method in which you insert links in an article or webpage. And add the same color on the link that the website’s background contains.


It is a well-known Backlink strategy from 2010 to 2015. It consists of a network of websites owned by a single person. The whole purpose of this tactic is to provide Backlinks to the main site and also pass link juice to the main site.

Now, you have some know-how about some major Black Hat SEO tactics that are still used nowadays. Yeah! I am telling you right but the question arises that I have mentioned earlier in the article that Google does not recommends Black Hat SEO tactics. But, now I am telling you that it is still using.  How!

Your curiosity has now increased and now, I tell you how you can use the above-mentioned tactics nowadays. It is a ratio of 95% White hat SEO and 5% Black hat SEO, called Gray Hat SEO.

Now, you are so amazed because SEO is really an interesting field and you always come to know new things every day. As the title says what are Black hat SEO tools?  How do we use them?

So, let’s discuss some major Black hat SEO tools:

: Top 7 Famous Black Hat SEO tools :

This is one of the famous Black hat SEO tools. As you can understand from its name, this free-of-cost tool can find good sites that might give you Backlinks. This is the world’s largest qualitative link exchange network. Now, you can boost your traffic from this tool.

Black Hat SEO tool no. 2: GSA CONTENT CREATOR

This powerful tool scrapes content from other sites and makes it unique by changing words in their synonyms. It is a used tool for the content duplication process widely.

Black Hat SEO tool no. 3: TWEETS ATTACKS

This Black hat SEO tool can be used to find users for specific needs. For example, a person on Twitter posts that he wants a Gaming Laptop. Moreover, you have an e-Commerce site that has the same product. So, this tool finds that person and messages him along with that Product’s link on its e-Commerce site.

Black Hat SEO tool no. 4: SE NUKE

This tool has multiple aspects of Black hat SEO. SE NUKE contains a built-in content spinner that spins the content and makes it unique. Also, it is also a Social Bookmarking Site and now, it also has RSS feed submission.

Black Hat SEO tool no. 5: GSA CAPTCHA BREAKER

One of the major technological advances that can easily solve and analyze Captcha is this software. This tool replicates excellent captcha services without requiring a subscription. So you won’t need to type your captcha manually or pay a captcha service to solve it again.

Black Hat SEO tool no. 6: LONG TAIL PRO

This Black hat SEO tool served as a major tool in this field. It is so famous that it can be used nowadays. It contains an amazing SERP checker and an effective keyword research feature that help you to check your site.

Black Hat SEO tool no. 7: RANKwyz

It is widely used for creating blog networks and managing them no matter, whether it is a self-hosted or web 2.0 network. This black hat SEO tool is an outclass way of building a strong network of blogs.


Now, I have told you the 7 most used and notorious black hat SEO tools. Note that, Black Hat SEO tools are some tools that help you to do Black Hat SEO tactics. These tools are just tools, not 100% perfect and trustworthy. This thing that people don’t understand and fully rely on these Artificial Tools.

But, I don’t recommend you to use these tools because I told you about these tools just for some information.

By the way, you can use them in the ratio that I mentioned earlier. As an SEO person, I also don’t prefer to use these tactics or tools but sometimes you have to use them. For example, if you are doing a client’s SEO project and your client wants quick ranking on its site, then, you have to use Black hat SEO tools and tactics.


These tools can skyrocket your Traffic for a short span of time but you always know that once you are suspected in Google Security. Then, Google will not let you go and penalize your Site which gives you a huge loss.

So, always try for White hat SEO, properly optimize your content, and gives a better user experience on your Site. Google automatically ranks your site that it deserves.

Now, as usual, if you have any questions regarding the article, then tell me in the Comments Section. Moreover, tell me about your opinions about this article.


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